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Our Super suet balls are top quality. They provide much-needed energy for birds and are ideal for feeding from a suet ball feeder or putting out loose, whole or crumbled onto bird tables. Each ball contains beef fat, wheat flour, peanuts, millet seed, rapeseed and linseed. Available in standard flavour, or with added mealworms or sunflower hearts for extra nutrition. RSPB Super suet UK made Save £3 when you buy two bumper boxes Sunflower hearts flavour suet balls R410197 Pack of 6 £3.25 R410200 Box of 50 £15.00 R410201 Box of 150 £40.00 R410202 Box of 150 x 2 £77.00 - SAVE £3 Standard flavour suet balls R406414 Pack of 6 £2.75 R406417 Box of 50 £14.00 R406418 Box of 150 £38.00 R409914 Box of 150 x 2 £73.00 - SAVE £3 Mealworm flavour suet balls R406409 Pack of 6 £3.25 R406412 Box of 50 £15.00 R406413 Box of 150 £40.00 R409915 Box of 150 x 2 £77.00 - SAVE £3 We use only the finest ingredients in our suet 2 Super suet cakes ✔ Non-melting, square cakes, ideal for feeding all year round. ✔ Easy to crumble without getting messy fingers. ✔ Made from top quality Super suet, with added mealworms. HHHHH “Amazing quality.... So easy to handle. Does not melt in warm weather. Does not freeze in cold conditions.” Babs - website reviewer Non-melting super suet UK made Save £35 when you buy our bumper box R420116 Pack of 3 £6.50 R407793 Box of 10 £21.00 R407796 Box of 40 £49.00 - SAVE £35