RSPB July 2019

18 RSPB Victorian flora Find out more online Some brands marketed as ‘’ethical’’ still include chemicals that are harmful to nature, and palm oil which can be intensively farmed on cleared rainforest land. Our exclusive range is different - guaranteed free of parabens, phosphates and palm oil. Suitable for vegans. Why do we make and sell toiletries? UK MADE Hand wash Luscious lather to gently cleanse your hands. 200ml pump bottle. R434023 £7.99 Body butter A rich and velvety indulgent delight for your whole body. 100g tin. R434026 £9.99 Body lotion Luxurious lotion for smooth, silky skin. 200ml pump bottle. R434025 £7.99 Bath foam Bathe in sumptuous, scented bubbles. 200ml screw cap bottle. R434024 £7.99 Hand cream Intensive moisturising for your hands. 100ml pump bottle. R434022 £7.99 No palm oil The roots of the RSPB date back to a group of pioneering Victorian women who campaigned to outlaw exotic bird feathers in fashion. As a nod to their spirit we have created this heritage blend o f orange blossom, rose gerani um, cedarwood and petitgrain. A A B C D B C D E Love your hands gift set Cleanse and moisturise your hands with this lovely gift set. Contains two 100ml bottles - one hand cream, one hand wash. Presented in a gift box. R434027 £11.99 No palm oil No palm oil Relaxing bath gift set The perfect gift for anyone who loves a long, hot bath. Contains two 100 ml bottles - one bath foam and one body lotion. Presented in a gift box. R434028 £11.99 UK MADE UK MADE Luxurious toiletries from the RSPB. Clean body, clean con science. E Delivery is free when you spend £50