RSPB July 2019

Squeeze us and we sing 2 for £14 RSPB singing birds Cute, cuddly toys with authentic calls: all you have to do is give them a squeeze. All ages seem to find them irresistible. Suitable for ages three and over. R409296 Robin R409298 Blackbird R409314 Nightingale R409306 House sparrow R409299 Goldfinch R409315 Peregrine falcon R409303 Tawny owl R409310 Swallow R409307 Bullfinch R409304 Snowy owl R409309 Great tit R409302 Chaffinch R409300 Puffin R410081 Osprey R409313 Green woodpecker R409305 Song thrush R409301 Mallard R409311 Great spotted woodpecker R409308 Greenfinch R409297 Blue tit All £8.00 Each A B C G H P F E D J I K L O N M Q R T S Buy any two RSPB singing birds for £14 - SAVE £2 F G J M A N B C D E H I K L O P Q R S T 15 Kids 0345 034 7733