RSPB July 2019

RSPB Woodland Animals Top Trumps How much of a dormouse’s life is spent asleep? How long do red deer live? How many species of ladybird are there in the world? Get the lowdown on some of our best-loved (and lesser known) woodland creatures. Birds, mammals, bugs, reptiles and amphibians call the woods their home, and this game brings them together in fierce competition! R429060 £5.99 RSPB Guess Who? game This special RSPB edition of Guess Who? focuses on British wildlife; our best-known birds, mammals and insects. As well as being great fun, it encourages children to learn more about our wildlife. Includes two game boards, character sheets and full instructions. Ages 6+, not suitable for children under three. R409785 £19.99 Guess Who? Does it have four legs? Does it have wings? Can it swim? Does it lay eggs? The classic guessing game has been reworked just for us! RSPB exclusive Can it swim? 14 Kids Collect all the cards fro m your opponents by selecting the highest ratings on your own car ds, learn about our best-loved creatures at the same time. Packs include 30 game cards and instructions. For 2-6 play ers. Suitable for ages six and up. RSPB British Birds Top Trumps How old are baby robins when they leave the nest? How many eggs does a puffin lay? How long does a barn owl live? How fast can a peregrine falcon fly? Packed with fascinating facts about 30 of our most iconic birds, including garden favourites such as the robin and blue tit, sea birds, water birds, owls and birds of prey. R410121 £5.99 RSPB exclusive Does it have wings? Does it lay eggs? Delivery is free when you spend £50